Cancer Councils Biggest Morning Tea

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7. June 2017 15:56

On the 26th May 2017 John Matthew & Sons held an “Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea” to help raise funds for the Cancer Council, a very deserving cause.

The event was held at the front of the JMS office with just about every single staff member (plus some ex-staff members)  pitching in for the day (with around 25 staff, that’s a big effort!) whether it was helping to set up, pack up, clean or putting their aprons on and making some home made goodies to offer guests at our morning tea.

We also had packed up little take away trays for people to purchase with a donation to the Cancer Council, some people even dropped in just to buy a pack of goodies specifically because ‘it was home made’ with many people saying  ‘the wife sent me down because it was home made’, and I will say, I think we all had a taste test of just about everything that was made, and we all can agree, home made is best.

We had some very generous donations made before our morning tea on our online donations page, which was fantastic and great to see people taking time out of their day and money out of their pocket to help with this cause!

On the day of the morning tea, we had some amazing donations made by guests and staff, with our combined efforts we managed to raise just under $720!!! How amazing is that!? Not bad for a little old morning tea!

And not to mention the goodies that were left over were a nice afternoon snack for us at the office! We even took some to the Police station to share the goodness! I’m told they didn’t last long there!

A great turn out and a great morning for a great cause, thanks to everyone who contributed in one way or another!

Till Next time….cheers.

Shani O’Donnell

Sales Administrator


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2. May 2017 10:40

As you may have seen over the past few days, John Matthew and Sons is excited to throw its support behind a fantastic local art initiative called Heartwalk.

HeartWalk is a public art project, run over the course of a 2 year period which is seeking to revive the Kalgoorlie CBD. Artists apply to paint high quality murals throughout the centre of town. So far more than 40 local, indigenous and West Australian professional artists have been chosen to paint in a variety of different locations, from empty shop windows to blank walls and walkways!

The artist chosen to paint the John Matthew and Sons/Muzz Buzz wall is the extremely talented Brenton See.

Brenton hails from Perth, and his painting style is bold, colourful and graphical. He lists David Attenboroughs documentaries as a major influence, and is the main reason he chooses to use animals in his artworks to express him and the stories he wants to tell. He focuses on topics such as ‘Predator and Prey”, and ‘Life and Death’, as these themes are very relevant in both our human lives and the animal kingdom.

Painting on the wall has begun, and is finishing up on Saturday. There have been several events scheduled to take place during the course of the week, including a Q & A night with the visiting artists at Black Crowe Studios, and guided walking tours once the painting is complete.

John Matthew and Sons is a proud supporter of our Goldfields Community, and believes that merging art and architecture enriches our urban landscape and  creates a unique experience for visitors to our great city to enjoy!

We hope to see many of you out and about enjoying the art around our magnificent city in the weeks to come!


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Why it’s Important to Read the Fine Print

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5. April 2017 10:00

Have you ever downloaded an app on your phone, blithely clicking ‘accept’ and allowing the software to access your app history, contacts, location, photo files etc. Do you know what you are really agreeing to?

Not reading the terms and conditions of a device app is one thing, but some people do this on their mortgage documents too. And that often comes at a price.

To the uninitiated, all mortgage documents look the same. And it’s true that around 90% of the terms and conditions in your loan contract will be the same as those in the next loan contract. What’s important to pay attention to is the 10% that is different – these are the details that are specific to your loan.

Buried in the fine print are the details of all fees to expect. For example, ongoing fees such as annual fees, or once-off fees such as early payment fees (if you’re on a fixed rate), valuation fees, settlement fees, redraw fees, offset account fees, switching fees and so on. The fine print also includes details about the interest rate (for example, you may be starting on a honeymoon rate, with an interest rate hike after 12 months), and if Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is to be paid.

Mortgage documents can be long and complicated – they are certainly not very consumer friendly. But you are signing up for a long term contract so understanding what you are signing is absolutely essential. I have seen so many borrowers get badly burned by being too rushed, too bored or too lazy to read the fine print. Sometimes people just assume the terms and conditions will be ‘normal’ or ‘reasonable’. Some people’s eyes glaze over at the mere mention of a loan contract; finance just may not be their thing.

That’s where a good mortgage broker can be a godsend. Whereas lenders just want to sell you a loan, a good mortgage broker wants to sell you the right loan. Lenders aren’t necessarily about what is best for the borrower – the bank is there to make money from the customer after all. It’s not really their job to double check that the borrower knows every tiny detail of the agreement; they are happy to give the borrower the loan pack and let them look after themselves. It is, however, the job of any good mortgage broker to make sure their clients know every important aspect of the contract they are signing.

As a mortgage broker, I will go through the relevant terms and conditions step by step with my customers, making sure they are aware of all the finer details that are attached to their loan. Together, we make sure they are not signing up (and paying for) loan features they won’t use or need (such as an offset account), or committing to a fee structure that won’t work for them (such as a honeymoon interest rate). As a mortgage broker, I know what my client’s plans are for the future, so I can make sure the loan features match the client’s circumstances.

I recently had a client who decided to refinance their home loan, and borrowed directly through the new lender. The new loan had a good interest rate, but unfortunately my clients didn’t read the fine print carefully enough, so they didn’t realise that with the good rate came a compulsory $4,481.70 Lenders Mortgage Insurance  payment. The client had planned to sell the house in 12 months’ time, so they didn’t get the full benefit of the cheaper rate, and ended up paying much more due to the LMI. If they had spoken to me before they refinanced, I would have suggested that we go back to their original lender first to negotiate a better interest rate.

Did you know that if your renovations are not properly approved by council, you are in breach of the mortgage? You are also in breach if you are uninsured. The bank can force you to get renovations approved or take out insurance, and if you don’t, they can take legal action. These things are in the fine print too, but many people don’t realise this.

Another of my clients had a major problem due to not reading the fine print. They wanted to borrow for major renovations; they had $100K in savings to use but needed an extra $50K. The bank suggested they spend their savings first and then come back when they needed the $50K. My client started the renovations then applied for the $50K loan as instructed. The bank did a valuation on the house as per normal process, but of course the house was not liveable, so they were in breach of the mortgage and the bank declined the loan. In this case, not only did my clients not read the fine print but the bank didn’t either!

It’s easy to think these things won’t happen to you. But they can, and it’s not uncommon. So, make sure you have a good mortgage broker who can step you through each relevant section of the fine print before you sign your mortgage documents, and always ask questions if you don’t understand. Your financial future relies on it.

Aaron Basten

Personal Mortgage Adviser

Smartline Personal Mortgage Advisers


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9. February 2017 16:21

First of all I would like to welcome you to our new look website! It has been a long time coming, and we look forward to bringing to you a website which is functional, informative and mobile! Now you can access all your real estate needs in one place, and from wherever you are!

As well as being able to search for Residential and Commercial Sales and Rental properties, our website also features information for our owners, tenants, sellers and buyers, as well as access to a selection of online forms which can be filled out on the go! Also, many useful links to other sites which may be of interest to Kalgoorlie Boulder residents!

Asides from all these new features, we are extremely excited to launch our Brand New Blog section! You can expect regular market updates, guest writers, hints and tips for selling/renting your home, plus much more! We hope you get as much out of this blog section as we do, and if you feel like hearing about something/some one in particular, let me know!

Now, back to business.

In typical JMS style, our office started 2017 with a bang!! A massive 46 lets for the month of January in our Residential Property Management Department…so many lets our board was overflowing! 39% of those lets were current residents of KB who were seeking an upgrade to their home, and a enormous 41% of those lets came from people relocating into Kalgoorlie! This is great news for our town! As I often say, they are not coming for the tree change, or sea change, these guys are here to work…and need somewhere to live!

In the Sales Department, we listed 26 properties (11 more that January 2016), with an average listing price of $343,000. Our sales team are well and truly back into it, and rearing to go in what I think will be an exciting year!

In 2017, I am sure the Real Estate market in the Goldfields is set for big things, something I have predicted for a while now! Personally, I’m looking forward to the Kalgoorlie Boulder Racing season as I have been elected the Vice –Chairman of the KBRC board…you are guaranteed to see me trackside every Sunday – make sure you come and say hi! If you need tickets for entry to the course, I am your man! As for tips….’All care, no responsibility!’

Until next time…..


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