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Exclusive Management Authority

You will be required to sign an Exclusive Management Authority signed with John Matthew & Sons in order for us to lease and collect rent on your behalf.  These are renewed when they expire.  You will be contacted when you Authority is due to expired in order for you to sign a new one.  This Authority outlines all the costs involved with John Matthew & Sons managing your property on your behalf,  including the costs of routine inspections, property condition reports, management fees and also our obligation in regards to you, the owner.

Marketing your Property

Your property will be listed on several websites with a detailed description and numerous photos. It will also be listed in the rental lift out in Saturday’s edition of the Kalgoorlie Miner. Your property will appear in our current Rent List which is available at our front counter and feature on the splash screen display in our front window.

Showing your Property

All enquiries on your property will be actioned as a priority and viewings will be conducted as soon as possible until the property is leased. This may be subject to availability due to access from a current tenant. All property viewings will be carried out by a property management representative and you will be kept updated regarding the interest in your property.

Assessing Tenants

Each tenant is assessed to their suitability to the property and you are advised before the tenant is leased the property.  Each tenant on the lease is thoroughly checked through a Nationwide tenancy database system (TICA).  Tenants are required to complete a Rental Application form give details of their employment history, previous addresses, emergency contact details and personal referees.  The employment and referees are both checked to ensure accuracy of these details.  Please keep in mind, however, John Matthew & Sons cannot guarantee the financial status of any tenant.

Leasing your Property

Applications for your property will be processed and finalised within 24 – 48 hours. This includes reference checks and tenancy database screening. All applications will be presented to you for your consideration. You may select the tenant you feel most suitable. The lease agreement will then be prepared for the chosen applicant at the agreed rent and length of lease. All details will be referred to you for your consideration. The tenant will be contacted and a time arranged for them to attend to sign the lease agreement and pay move in costs. During the sign up the lease agreement will be explained in detail and the tenants will be advised of their obligations under The Residential Tenancies Act.

Rent Collection

Rent can only be charged on a weekly basis however some tenants prefer to pay fortnightly or monthly. Rent must not fall into arrears. If a tenant remains in arrears, on the 3rd day a Notice of Breach of Agreement is issued. If the tenant does not pay the rent we will contact you regarding a possible termination of tenancy. You will be kept informed at all times during the arrears process.

Management of Funds

A monthly statement will be issued on the first working day after the end of the month. Unless otherwise instructed this statement will be emailed to your nominated email address.  All money held in trust on your behalf will be paid into your nominated account immediately after our end of month process is complete. All agreed outgoings will be paid on your behalf subject to the availability of funds. If insufficient funds are held we will contact you for your instructions.

Repairs and Maintenance

All repairs and maintenance will be discussed with you prior to the issue of a work order wherever possible, except if the maintenance is deemed urgent under the Residential Tenancies Act and we are unable to contact you.  All urgent repairs will be actioned within 24 hours as required by the Residential Tenancies Act. These repairs include, gas, electrical, plumbing and a functional refrigerator. All non-urgent repairs will be attended to once you have given approval to proceed. We will only use licensed and insured trades people and a copy of invoices will be sent to you with your monthly statement.

Routine Inspections

The first routine inspection for a new tenancy will be conducted 4-6 weeks after the commencement of the lease and then 3 monthly inspections will be carried out. Legislation stipulates that no more than 4 inspections per year can be completed. A detailed report containing photos will be emailed to you unless otherwise stated, advising of the condition of your property and any recommended maintenance that may be required.

Lease Renewals

A letter will be sent to both yourself and the tenant advising of the expiry of the lease. Unless otherwise advised the tenant will be offered a renewal of tenancy for a further period.  When the tenant has advised their intent you will be contacted for your approval of the renewal, period of lease and rental amount.

Vacating the Property and Finalising the Bond

If a tenant is in a fixed term lease they are required to give 30 days written notice prior to the end of the tenancy if they wish to vacate. Similarly the owner must also give 30 days notice if you do not wish to renew the lease. If the tenancy is periodic, the tenant is required to give 21 days written notice and you the owner must give 60 days notice to the tenant.

You will be advised as soon as possible if your tenant gives notice to vacate. The property manager will discuss your wishes regarding re-letting the property and the new rental amount and the property will be advertised as agreed.

After the tenant vacates the property a final inspection will be conducted and you will be advised of the outcome. The property condition report will be updated and new photos will be taken. The tenant will be requested to complete further cleaning or repairs if required. If they fail to complete these items to the required standard a contractor will be hired and the cost will be reimbursed to you from the tenant’s bond. Details will be provided to both you and the tenant if this occurs.

A special water read is ordered for as close to the vacate date as possible. Once this has been received and any maintenance or cleaning attended to, the bond will be finalised. The tenant will be required to sign a bond disposal form and any funds owing to you will be deducted from the bond held.

Bonds collected by John Matthew & Sons are held with The Bond Administrator as part of the Department of Commerce. This department controls the lodgement and disposal of residential bonds. It may take 4-6 weeks for a bond to be finalised.

Smoke Alarms & RCDs

From August 2009 is became state law that residential properties are required to have for every property a minimum of 2 Residual Current Devices (RCD’s) installed in the property.  These devices are to be installed prior to the property being leased.  The same law applies to vendors of residential properties.  Any residential premises being newly leased must comply from August 2009.  For existing tenants where no new lease is required the owners have until August 2011 to install these devices.   RCD’s save people from electrocution and can protect against fires.  Only a licensed electrician can supply and install the RCDs to the switchboard of the property. For further information on RCDS, please view this Department of Commerce Fact Sheet;

From October 2009 is became legislation that mains powered smoke alarms be fitted to all existing residential properties prior to a new tenancy agreement being signed, or the property sold.  If there are no changes in the tenancy in the residential property then the smoke alarms must be fitted by October 2011. For further information on hard wired smoke alarms, please read this Department of Fire & Emergency Services Fact Sheet;

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